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The Gratitude of Hair

There is something to be said about the exuberance of natural hair. The significant difference texturally between chemically altered hair and hair in it’s natural state is difficult to go unnoticed. For most of my life I enjoyed the fullness and body my natural hair afforded me. Ditching the perm for good was a no
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Tips for Protecting Your Natural Hair at Night

I dread waking up to my hair in disarray because I skipped a step in my night time hair routine. If my hair isn’t right in the morning, it can throw my whole day off, including my attitude. That’s why I try my best to stick to a nightly routine that protects my natural hair
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4 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips

With your winter wardrobe in check, it’s time to come up with a plan for caring for your natural hair this winter. The weather, whether warm or cold, can be rough on our hair if we’re not taking proper care of it. Here are a couple of tips you can use this winter to keep
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Hair Runneth Over Group 2013 Up